Bathtub Accessories

Adding high-quality bathroom safety and convenience accessories can enhance one's confidence in the bathroom.  We can order various accessories through our suppliers, and the few pictured below are the most popular.

Grab Bar
Grab bars are one of the most useful bathroom accessories.  They give you a hand-hold and foster confidence while getting in and out of your tub.  We usually recommend a short one placed vertically at the entrance to the tub, and a longer one placed horizontally or diagonally on the back of the tub.

Stainless Grab Bars
Up to 24"$60
25" to 42"$75
     Installed Price

Special Grab Bar

A special kind of grab bar attaches to the tub's dam.   We like it because it can be placed adjacent to the Accessible Bath Conversion opening.   This type of hand-hold does not work well with fiberglass tubs because the fiberglass will compress under the pressure of the clamp.

Tub-Mounted Grab Bars
         About $40

Bath Chair
Bath chairs are a important accessory.   They are adjustable in height, and can help you relax and avoid unsteadiness on your feet.  Often a horizontal or diagonal grab bar is mounted nearby to aid with getting up and down.   Having a hand-held shower head within reach completes this convenient set-up.

Bath Chair
From $50 to $75


A bench works much like a bath chair, but lacks back support.  Benches are adjustable in height, and tend to be lighter and easier to move around that a chair.

Shower Bench
         From $30 to $50

Hand Held Mount

Having a low-mounted hand held shower head is a real convenience, especially when it has its own on and off switch.    That way you don't have to get up and down to turn the water off and on.

Hand-Held Shower Head
         From $30 to $50

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